call-of-dutymmoWell, this is indeed a huge surprise regarding the future of the Call of Duty franchise: according to some surveys found by Destructoid, Activision might be working on (or at least considering) a Call of Duty MMO!

According to the surveys found by the website (which are not officially confirmed, though), Activision mentions that they’re considering a service that would “enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements,” like expansions and beta testing, character skins, stat tracking and even competitive play.

And even though this doesn’t sound like a MMO at all, we have something that does: the service might come with a monthly fee attached or bundled with a copy of a game. Add to that the fact that Activision’s Bobby Kotick stated a while ago that a Call of Duty MMO would be a “natural evolution” of the franchise, and you’d have some things to consider.

So, even though this particular time we might be talking about a more community-based type of service, would you be ready for a Call of Duty MMO? Would you like to play it or you’d say “pass”?


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