The popular free to play MMORPG Cabal Online today sees the release of the second major update of 2009, Soul & Siena. The update will add new raiding dungeons, high level armors and an unique bonus skill system, among the most important things.

This new skill system in Cabal Online will give players the chance of increasing their strength by gathering soul experience by hunting. Using this experience, characters will get access to new sets of skills and powers, including increased luck rates, experience or additional attributes.

Also, the Altar of Siena will become the latest raiding dungeon, with foes that possess powers unlike any ever witnessed before, but also huge treasures and rewards, including armor that was never known to exist in Cabal Online before!

With the Soul & Siena update, security has also been increased with the inclusion of a new sub-password system. Players are able to create a four digit password, locking equipped items, storage, and even a character. These passwords are optional, yet will help many players protecting their items from potential account breaches.