PS4Following reports from Sony, specifically Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House where he explained that the PS4 will face supply problems, Amazon has finally received a fresh batch of the system in time for the holidays. Consumers can now order the system after it was sold out since launch. The consoles are also eligible for one or two-day shipping, giving people the chance for their order to arrive in time for Christmas. The stock is temporary however, and it’ll quite possibly be the last chance to pre-order one for the remainder of the year.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have seen record breaking launches. The PS4 was able to sell one million units in just 24 hours, and has hit the 2.1 million unit mark. While the Xbox One has also sold one million units on its first day and has gone on to sell 2 million units worldwide. Both companies have spoken out on the success and have predicted a bright future for the industry and its fans. Sony has explained that they aim to sell 5 million units by the end of their fiscal year, April 2014. Microsoft have not outlined their commercial plans for their new system.