Wii UNintendo’s hardware continues to dominate the Japanese market with yet another successful week. Newly released Media Create sales numbers show that all four of the company’s main systems, the Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and 3DS XL have all seen significant sales boosts over the past week.

The data provided below, via NeoGAF, shows the amount of systems sold during the week of December 9-15. Numbers in parenthesis are those of the previous week.

  • Wii U — 74,903 (48,762)
  • 3DS — 50,846 (32,894)
  • 3DS LL — 130,710 (92,375)
  • Wii — 1,197 (767)

The real reason as to why Nintendo’s systems are selling well is due to the presence of a compelling software lineup. Games such as Super Mario 3D Land, Pokemon X and Y, and Wii Party U have sold much better in the aforementioned week than in the past week.

Despite all the doom and gloom that might be associated with the Wii U, the system continues to chug along and provide a well enough reason to warrant a purchase for customers.