I tend to associate Lighthouse Interactive’s name with hardcore point and click adventure titles, but that is of course wrong, since the company seems to love creating fun casual games for the Nintendo Wii, too. The latest to join their lineup is a Nintendo Wii title, Pirate Party: Adventures of the Black Corsair but it is far from being a scary, horror-ish pirate game.

Actually, the game, which is scheduled for a release early next year, invites players to become a marauding buccaneer in 17th century London. Double-crossed by their pirate Captain and branded traitors to their country, players will face countless perils as they struggle to clear their names and become the most famous Black Corsair – defender of the Crown. A fantastic new adventure is about to begin – one which is suitable for kids all ages!

According to Alex Remotti, the CEO of Virtual Identity, the game’s developers, the most important feature of Pirate Party will be the fun gameplay. Of course, along with that, the game will offer three vast locations set in 17th century London, tons of humorous characters and mini-games to masters and lots of unlockables. So, yes, it appears that being a pirate was very fun, after all…

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