It was a year to remember for Sony in 2013, within just four months they found a way to completely sway the opinion of the public towards their side. Though it only took four months, it wasn’t necessarily difficult to do so, as all Sony did was maintain a status quo. With Microsoft shooting themselves repeatedly in the leg with a gatling gun Sony promised people more of the same, with an emphasis on games during the months leading into E3 and revealing the dagger that is a cheaper console. It was a dream situation at the end of it all, as the momentum was staggering. A year later, the momentum doesn’t seem to have shifted much at all, Sony and the PS4 still has a commanding lead over the Xbox One in terms of sales and consumer opinions. All Sony will have to do is continue with more of the same in order to remain trusted.

Games to Watch For

Driveclub – Evolution Studios: A hotly anticipated game heading into the console launch and what could possibly be a fun competition between the Forza series and this, Driveclub failed to make it to store shelves and was pushed back to early 2014. Enter 2014, and Driveclub was once again pushed back to October, nearly a year after its initial release date. Evolution Studios has spent most of its energy hyping the social aspects created with Playstation Plus and sharing to manage racing “teams”. The most reasonable expectation for Driveclub is having a playable demo on the E3 show floor, if Evolution Studios misses that opportunity it may not bode well for the 2014 release date, and missing that will diminish any anticipation even further.

The Order: 1886 – Ready At Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Club: Set in an alternate London, where half-man, half-animal people are a thing. The Order: 1886 is reminiscent of another alternate history shooter from Sony’s library in the form of Resistance, technology has advanced far past anything in 1886 and a war with strange monsters. It was delayed just a few days ago though an E3 appearance this year is far from unlikely.

Project Beast – From Software: A very recently announced game developed of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls and Demon Souls games, the only footage available of the title is a 20-30 second video clip posted only a few days ago. Despite such little information being immediately prepared there’s reason for others to show excitement. Here’s a hint: It’s because Dark Souls is a fantastic game.


Sony’s 2014 lineup looks relatively thin and uninteresting, other than Driveclub which could possibly be released later this year there’s no other highly anticipated game scheduled in the next six months. There’s The Last of Us, an incredible game being remastered and released for the PS4, and even that is tentative for 2014. Regardless, there’s a large amount of ground Sony is allowed to lose this year because of the weak showings from both Nintendo and Microsoft.

In fact, this is a perfect opportunity for Microsoft or Nintendo to make a massive games push much like Sony accomplished last year. At the end of E3 Sony may still look like the more attractive console to purchase, though the games library will be called into question either way. Sony could possibly shield much of the damage by announcing new, original titles during its conference but it doesn’t hide the fact that this is the first weak sign Sony has shown since the announcement of the PS4. It’s important to mention that Sony has been beating down its competitors for more than a year now, so any weak sign given may not even matter…unless it continues into next year.