Pokemon bank diagramPokémon Bank, the cloud storage app for 3DS titles Pokémon X and Y has finally gone live in Europe.

This release comes after a number of delays from its originally planned launch back on the 27th December last year due to problems affecting the Nintendo eShop.

The app will cost users an annual fee of £4.49 / $5.00; however a free 30 day trial is available for the app until the 14th March, the use of which will give players the rare Pokémon Celebi when you use the Bank for the first time. This event Pokémon will be available until the 30th September this year (thank you, Serebii).

The Pokémon Bank contains 100 boxes, which can hold 30 Pokémon to a box, allowing players to store up to 3000 Pokémon from X and Y to be stored on Nintendo’s servers, making it much easier to transfer Pokémon between games if you have both X and Y and want to complete your Pokédex with just one 3DS.

Pokemon bank diagram

The Pokémon Bank also allows you access to the Poké Transporter app, which allows you to deposit Pokémon from the previous generation of Pokémon, Generation V. This means that, though a one-way system it should be noted, you can transfer Pokémon from previous DS Pokémon games Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 for use in X and Y.

What Pokémon are you going to be trading across to the bank? Will you be using it for extra storage space for X and Y, or transferring the Pokémon you trained up in Black and White that turned into juggernauts of the Unova region?