Tomorrow is the day the PlayStation 4 will see it’s release in Europe, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia. Retailers are reporting that the console is “overbooked” and demand will not be met on release day. This situation comes as no surprise since it was basically the same at its North American release. Retailers also say that there will be a December batch of PS4’s, but It is unclear how many more customers that shipment will cover.

What also comes to mind is of course the “sabotage”, and bricked console business that have been discussed at great lengths by now. After it’s release in the North American region a few number of users started reporting bricked consoles. Right after that a Foxconn Intern said that he had sabotaged a few consoles. So the question is: Will more PlayStation 4 consoles be bricked at the imminent launch tomorrow? Probably, but the numbers won’t be higher than it was the last time. So far the PS4 launch have gone rather well for Sony, and It is my belief that it will continue to go well at friday.

It is clear that Sony new flagship console is a success by now, and it does not seem that a few problems will stop that success anytime soon. Still, it will be interesting to see how the launch tomorrow goes down.

What do you think? Will many more consoles be bricked? Or will everything run smoothly for Sony?