Today I was really happy to find on Kongregate a cool new little game named Reprisal. Made with the classic Populous in mid, Reprisal does a great job at bringing back that old school feeling and delivers a challenging game that will make you actually fight a bit for your victory.

And I guess that Reprisal’s description says it all: You were once a powerful leader of a distant tribe with the ability to harness power totems of nature. With these omnipotent powers you guided them.

Three neighbouring tribes who are at war have taken control, scattering your people and totems across distant lands. You must now guide them to become a powerful tribe once again, collecting your totems and overthrowing those who stand in your way.

Begin your Reprisal to reclaim your history…

This means that you have to control your tribe, expand it and gather the totems while also making sure that you keep the others away and defeat your enemies. All in all, a great game with a sweet retro feeling (including top music!) that you will certainly love to play, especially if you played Populous back in the days.

So click here to head over to Kongregate and play Reprisal for free. Have fun!