I am sure that you still remember the great game in Papa’s series, Papa’s Pancakeria – if so, then you will be delighted to hear that a new free to play game has been released in the series, Papa’s Wingeria that challenges you to become the best of the best when it comes to cooking Chicken Wings.

And it won’t be easy, even though if you have played Papa’s Pancakeria, you already know the basics: you have a bunch of customers coming by, wanting a specific combination of wings, sauce and extra vegetables and stuff. You have to prepare them all as fast as possible and with as few mistakes as possible because a happy customer is a good customer that helps you progress even faster.

There are not many major changes brought in by Papa’s Wingeria, compared to the previous game and the mechanics are basically the same. Now we have a bit more drag and dropping to do – you have to drag the mouse in order to select how many wings you put in the hot oil, you deed to click at the right time to stir the sauce and you need to be careful that the design is eye catchy. But except for that, it’s fair game and it matters on how good you are with the time management and cooking under pressure.

Which means, all in all, that we’re talking about an amazing game that’s also salted with mini games to keep us entertained (and give us extra items to place in the store) or even extra clothes. We have the same upgrades to purchase and place in the Wingeria and help improve our scores, so you will certainly stay glued to the screen when playing Papa’s Wingeria… until you get hungry and go get a bucket of wings for your own pleasure.

So head over here and play Papa’s Wingeria for free, right now!