unicorn castleDid someone say unicorns? Well, we won’t get a fairy tale filled with rainbow-producing creatures in Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster, a solid hidden object adventure game with a nice good vs evil story and moral choices for you to make along the way. And evil rats, yeah! Check out the link at the end of the article to download this game!

Here’s how the story goes: The Beastmaster, Lord of all Beasts, kidnapped a young girl by the name of Sophie. You must use your skills to emerge victorious in this battle and save the girl. Make your way past the ingenious traps of the Castle and overcome the beasts to restore the Unicorn for a victory over the forces of evil! Can you solve the Mystery of Unicorn Castle – The Beastmaster? Interesting location and unusual puzzles will keep you on the edge of your seat!

There are some nice touches that this game brings, such as different choices you have to make throughout your adventure, potentially influencing the outcome of your quest. There are also some nice incentives not to click randomly during hidden object scenes (you’ll see what I mean when you try it) and a hint system that requires you to catch orbs in order to get more hints. Overall, nice touches that take you out of the classic gameplay of titles in this genre.

Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster is available over at Big Fish Games (click here to check it out) and you can download a free 1 hour demo before deciding if it’s worth the purchase!