curse-of-the-red-ninjaEverything starts with the oh, so sweet sound of loading a game from a tape inserted in your player. Of course, that’s just the way E4 games start, and in my case it was what caught my attention. Fortunately, the game itself, Curse of the Red Ninja, did a great job to keep me there again and again and that’s why I decided to give it the flash game of the day award.

The thing I loved the most about Curse of the Red Ninja is that, unlike most of the games, it’s terribly hard to finish it. There are tons of minigames, events and “game over” situations that usually could be frustrating, but in this case they’re not. They actually add to the overall experience, they look similar in style with the classic titles that, due to limitations, had to be very difficult.

Curse of the Red Ninja is, though, not difficult in the classic way: you don’t have to be extremely skilled or smart in order to finish it: you will simply run into situations that will bring you the game over screen. For example, I had to choose, after finding out that the master’s cat was actually a genie under disguise, between being turned into a sword, a sandwich or having more wishes. I choose the sword and it wasn’t good. In other words – nothing (or generally nothing) is clear here: there are barely any hints telling you should go right or left (or forward). You simply give it a try and, if you make a mistake, you start over again. And, as strange as it might sound, that’s not frustrating at all. On the contrary.

So go on and follow the link to play Curse of the Red Ninja, a great flash game of the day, perfect for starting a new week!