morbidPastel Games is one of my favorite game developers and I totally enjoyed their work until the release of Morbid – a black and white, hand drawn adventure flash game that can be played for free in your browser. Fascinating at first and absolutely stunning if we are to judge the visuals, Morbid fails to impress in the end – and the major frustration that struck me after playing the adventure made me decide against awarding Morbid with the flash game of the day award.

However, Pastel Games’ Morbid is not one of the worse games available for free, on the contrary. In terms of quality, it really delivers, but if we are to compare it with other releases of the developer, it’s not as impressive.

Set in Europe, in the 14th century, Morbid tells the story (or lets you find it out, since it doesn’t really give you anything) of the plagued continent and some of the dead who simply refused to stay underground. So, yes, you can say that you get what the title promises to deliver.

You also get a frustrating first person point and click adventure game: due to poor hotspot placement and because of the artsy hand drawn visuals, some of the objects are hard to see and some areas are even harder to find. Also, I always found myself going back one screen after pressing on a hot spot that would’ve logically took you elsewhere. But if you can get over these problems (which, be warned, can really get frustrating), you might have a nice challenge ahead and a rather lengthy game in Morbid. Give it a try by following the link to the game’s official website and see for yourself!