choose-2012In 2012 the apocalypse will come and wipe the entire human kind off the face of the Earth. We don’t believe that, especially after seeing the poor two 2012 Hollywood flicks – the end of man kind MUST be cool and different and more impressive. That’s why Choose Your 2012 is here, and that’s the exact same reason why it receives the flash game of the day award.

Without being too complicated or complex, it does one really awesome thing: it lets you, as the name suggests, choose your own way of ending things: you have the world, you must destroy it. Meteor showers? Tornadoes? Alien invasion? Other things? There are all here in Choose Your 2012, and you only have to click one button.

At first this little free flash game is a bit spooky and fun, but it will soon start to become a bit boring since five or six different areas you will “bomb” over and over again will not change, the weapons are again kind of limited and the show is not, overall, quite impressive. However, just the idea that you can choose how to end it all should make you play the game. So go ahead and give it a try, for your weekend apocalypse pleasure!