A free limited edition loot has begun in Mafia Wars, allowing us to send Pignatas to our Mafia Members (and also to receive the goodies from our friends!). Hurry up to accept all of the Pignatas in less than 24 hours after they’ve been sent, otherwise they will disappear. Also have in mind that you can only accept 3 Mafia Wars Pignatas per 12 hours!

I am sure you are curious to know what items can be found inside the Pignatas, so here is the list:

Hammer 760-EK (53 Attack, 21 Defense)
Deadly Jetpack Prototype (46 Attack, 15 Defense)
Chain Viper (46 Attack, 33 Defense)
Set of Twin Garza 9s (53 Attack, 24 Defense)
Supercharged Stock Car (45 Attack, 24 Defense)
Iron Titan (96 Attack, 123 Defense) – WHAT AN ITEM!!!

Have you managed to collect all the loot items from the Mafia Wars Pignatas?