Part 2 of the Varmint Cannon goals in Frontierville is What We Need is a Snake Cannon. Finally after building the Foundry, you have the chance to purchase one of the four Varmint Cannons in the game.

What We Need is a Snake Cannon requires you to craft or purchase one Powder Keg, acquire ten Insurance Waivers, and buy a Snake Cannon. A Powder Keg can be purchased at the Market for 1 Horseshoe or buy five for 4 Horseshoe. You can also craft a Powder Keg for 1 Saltpeter and 4 Fire.

You can buy the Snake Cannon costs for 5,000 Coins from the Foundry. The frustrating part of this goal is getting 10 Insurance Waivers. The only way to get them is to ask from your neighbors. You post a request in your wall and pray that your friends click on it. You can also keep an eye for such requests from your neighbors because you’ll receive one when you click on your friend’s request.

You need to complete Part 2 of the Varmint Cannon goals to unlock the other Varmint Cannons inside the Foundry. Have you completed this goal?