It appears that Zynga has tons of ideas when it comes to new content for Treasure Isle, as they have released a brand new buildable construction, the Wishing Well. Fortunately, the requirements for it are quite low and you’ll have a decoration on your island to grant you a daily wish… basically for free!

What does the Treasure Isle Wishing Well do?
It’s a new buildable construction that once per day will make one of your wish come true – usually by giving you a treasure you have on your Wish List. But you can also strike really lucky and get 100,000 coins or Isle Cash when wishing.

How to build the Wishing Well?
It’s pretty simple: the well will be automatically be awarded to you when you log in to the game and after you’ll place it on your island, you will need two of each of the following items to complete it: Bolts, Planks, Rope, Pillars, Paint.

Tips and tricks for using the Wishing Well effectively:

If there is a treasure you really need, make sure that’s the only item you have on your wishing list – that will also be the item you will receive, so it will be 25 energy really well spent!

Have you started using the Wishing Well in Treasure Isle?