Pet Society Summer Items Coming this Monday

Pet Society Summer Items Coming this Monday

Monday will be the day when Pet Society goes summer full blast. It is the time when summer items will be added into the game. Here are some of the items that you can buy to decorate your pet’s house with that summer feel. Some items are labeled This Week’s Special (TWS) and are only available until Monday, June 28, 2010.

From the DIY store, there are seven new items two of them are TWS. The regular items are Tropical Beach Wallpaper, Tropical Sunset Wallpaper, Tropical Sunset Floor, Tiki Hut Floor, and the Tiki Wall Torch. The two TWS items are the Tropical Beach Floor and the Tiki Hut Wallpaper.

A beach scene is incomplete without the usual fixtures. The Garden and Furniture Stores have various items such as Green Striped Beach Umbrella, Orange Striped Beach Umbrella, Pink Striped Beach Umbrella, Blue Bucket, Pink Bucket, Suntan Cream, Beach Bag, Suntan Oil, Green Striped Towel, Orange Stripe Beach Towel, Pink Striped Beach Towel, Tropical Tiki Bar, Trpical Tiki Chair, Tropical Tiki Stool, Tiki Patio, Pet Tiki Statue, Orange Kite, and a Purple Surfboard.

For a limited time offer, you can buy the Tropical Volcano. But you have to hurry because only 10,000 will be available starting Monday in Pet Society.