The heat is on in Pet Society. You can turn your house into a tropical paradise with all the summer items that’s available in game this week.

To start with, the Purple and Gold Mystery Boxes have new items in them. Your pet has the chance to get a Pink Kite from the Purple Box. From the Gold Mystery Boxes, your pet can get the Hula Dancer Plushie and the Swan Rubber Ring.

You can also gift your friends with a Holiday Bear Plushie or a Tropical Flamingo Cocktail. These items let you feel that Summer Holiday has arrived in Pet Society.

Summer Holiday is not complete without a fishing trip. Head to the Pool for a chance to hook up a Orange Coral, Pink Neon Tetra or a Blue Anemone.

Treasure Hunters might dig up a Happy Kitty Plushie, which is this week’s Digging Special. If you don’t know where to dig for treasures, just look for the Hunt for Treasure Icon beside the Camera Icon.

These are just some items that you can use to get into the summer mood. More summer items will be added in Pet Society on Monday.