Pet Society added a new feature last week. Treasure Hunt lets the pet dig up for treasure and keeps it. To start hunting for treasures, just click on the Hunt for Treasure icon at the bottom of the screen. Then select Town Forest. Or Leave Home and Click on the World Map.

At present there are thirteen items you can collect from treasure hunting in Town Forest. These are Forest Aquarium, Summer Sofa, Divine Tiara, Blue Fossil Shell, Pink Monkey Plushie, Pink Snail, Running Pet Amphora, Flower Seed, Ancient Wall Painting, Ceramic Flute, Fish in a Jar, Purple Mushroom, and a Big Stone Dino Fossil, which requires you to find all seven parts.

Digging for treasure in Pet Society is just like playing mine sweeper. If the treasure is two spaces away from where you dug last, it will say that the treasure is nearby. When it’s just on space away, it will say treasure is very close. You can get four items per session. You have five free shovels but the good news is that you can buy additional five shovels for only 300 coins.

Have you completed the Town Forest treasures yet?