When I logged into Mafia Wars today, I was surprised to see +3 Skill Points. I didn’t know where I got it until a pop up announced that I earned new achievements. Mafia Wars made these Fight Achievements to reward players with a lot of icings in their name.

The four new fight achievements are:

Ice to Meet You – This is earned by icing 20 enemies in fights.

Everybody Chill – This is earned by icing 100 enemies in fights.

Ice, Ice, Baby – This is earned by icing 500 enemies in fights.

Kick Some Ice – This is earned by icing 1,000 enemies in fights.

The new fighting achievements have witty names and I bet fighters have already completed all four by now and got their free four skill points. Some players haven’t automatically received their bonus when they log in but got it after going to the Achievements Page.

With the new achievements, the double loot event, and the new pop up message for icings, do you think Zynga want s players to do more fights and less robbing? Well that’s just a thought. What do you think? Have you completed the achievements yet?