One of the events Mafia Wars has prepared for its second year anniversary is the Double Loot Event. This is a two day event that started June 16. Players get twice the loot from fights. Plus there are new loot items that only drop from the fights.

The new loots are:

Devastator (52 Attack 36 Defense)
Zeus (54 Attack 18 Defense)
12 Gauge (35 Attack 51 Defense)
Bomb Suit (22 Attack 52 Defense)
Segmented Body Plate (50 Attack 31 Defense)
Skull Cap (28 Attack 51 Defense)
Cobra G7 (53 Attack 25 Defense)
Turbo Road Warrior (51 Attack 35 Defense)
Ruby Red (38 Attack 52 Defense)
Rhinoceros (20 Attack 54 Defense)
Condor (37 Attack 50 Defense)
Cougar (51 Attack 32 Defense)

Aside from the new loots, you’ll still have the chance to get the normal loots but two at a time. Some loot items you can get are British Passports, Car Parts, Weapon Parts, and other weapons, armors, vehicles and animals.

Expect some high-end loot items to drop from fighting within the Double Loot Event. Players with lots of stamina will benefit from this event. Hopefully Zynga has something in store for those with high energy as well. Not everyone is a fighter you know.