There’s a new feature that players can unlock in Restaurant City. Just like the Sushi Bar where you need to master a dish to get it, players are now tasked to master the Coco Colada to unlock the Lounge Bar.

Mastering Coco Colada is not that easy. It is composed of three ingredients that you need ten of each to reach level 10. The ingredients are pineapple, coconut, and cherry. Among the three, cherry is the rarest because it is a new ingredient.

Fortunately, Playfish gives the players several ways to get ingredients. Lounge Bar ingredients are now on special cash discounts. You can also gift the ingredients and hopefully your friends send one back to you. When visiting friends, you might chance on a crate. If your friend unlocks it, the ingredients are shared between the two of you. Or you can go the old-fashion way and trade with your friends. Lastly, you or a friend might be lucky enough to meet the Food King. He may share an ingredient with you.

The Lounge Bar needs a bartender to function. You can assign one of your friends to be one. Drinks that you’ve mastered are displayed on its shelves. It can serve drinks to three customers at a time.