Peggle 2 will have 1000 Gamerscore on Xbox One

Peggle 2 will have 1000 Gamerscore on Xbox One

Xbox OneFor some people it’s unnecessary fluff. For other people it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread. Achievements and Trophies have become a massive phenomenon on console in recent years. Massive communities have been built around those things you can do to bring up your Gamerscore and other different scores tied to your account.

Since the launch of the Xbox 360 every retail game had always a 1000 Gamerscore that could be unlocked (with the notable exception of Condemned: Criminal Origins at 970 Gamerscore). And up until 2012 every arcade game had a limit of 200 Gamerscore. It was only last year that Microsoft changed the system to allow downloadable titles to go up to 400 Gamerscore.

As we already know Microsoft themself won’t differentiate between Arcade, Indie and Retail games on the Xbox One anymore. Everything will be put together in a giant Games section on the Xbox Store.

The big news now is that apparently downloadable titles will also start to offer 1000 Gamerscore. This is a big increase over the measly 400 Gamerscore that could be gained on the Xbox 360.

This has been confirmed for Peggle 2 so far. The news come from the official Popcap (@popcap) twitter account.


We can safely assume that this will also count for all the other download only titles like Killer Instinct, Powerstar Gold or Crimson Dragon which all will be released in 2013.

This is great news for every achievement hunter and gamerscore addict out there. You’ll be able to get a full 1000 Gamerscore out of cheap (and often also really good) downloadable titles on the Xbox One!

Peggle 2 will be available on Xbox One later this year for 12$.