Couple of months ago, some SC fanatics around the globe managed to get in to the closed beta of the Blizzard game. But recently, Blizzard said that the StarCraft2 Open Beta will only be available in Korea – the country with the most number of SC enthusiasts. The love for this game in Korea is so big that they even had their own SC2 tourney recently!

But not of course there’s still a condition. One can’t play the open beta at the comfort of their own home. Instead, they have to head to one of the selected PC Baangs (Korea’s version of internet cafes). Probably nobody will be against this condition considering their gaming culture. Plus, playing StarCraft is a lot more enjoyable if you get to shout all together while playing the game.

Don’t ever attempt to use a proxy just to get your hand on the open beta. Blizzard would ask your account or your account in WoW to verify if you area really from Korea. No doubt that the response of the gamers is tremendous .  In this country, they are more competitive playing SC rather than being in a football field. Korea even considers the greatest players as their heroes who used to tolerate beatings of brooms and sticks from their mothers because of spending too much time playing the game. With the overwhelming number of SC players, who says that there is a room for noobs?