The world can get the Mafia II by August 27 but North American enthusiasts will get to play it three days ahead.

If you want to enter the merciless yet sophisticated world of Mafia, then let this game take you there without encountering the mobs. And to make it even more realistic, the intricate details of the Mafia era were emulated in the game as well. You would definitely be immersed in the music, cars, clothing, and lifestyle that the Mafia had during the 1940’s to the 50’s. said that the Mafia II can be considered as the most convincing adaption of the game. You surely want to get your hand on this especially if you are a fanatic of the criminal society.

Vito and Joe were both trying to prove their worth that they too can become a part of the Mafia. But as they journey to the world of violence and superiority they both realized that this is not something they want to live in forever.

There were already a couple of gamers who already tried the game when 2K Games participated at the recent Penny Arcade Expo East last March 26 to 28. Those who attended the said event got to try and play Mafia II at the booth of 2K Games.