freerealms-soccermatchIf you started to feel the need for some virtual exercise in Free Realms, Sony has a great surprise for you: a new update called Goal Time that brings soccer fun (or football fun, for our fellows over the ocean) to the virtual worlds of Free Realms.

We’re talking about 2- new quests, soccer clothes, new background fields and items and much more goodies, plus a full 3D soccer minigame. This high-energy arcade-style game lets players slide tackle opponents, dodge defenders, pass to teammates, and charge-up kicks to level up in more than 20 brand new quests. Various single and multiplayer games start at the Snowhill soccer field and allow players to compete in 3 on 3 pick-up games with their friends or be pit against Free Realms’ finest teams. Six full sets of killer clothing and gear will show off your sporty style on and off the field, while in-match charge ups, accessories and shards can give player skills a boost.

With a free job trial for all players up to level 5, the Soccer Star job will be Members Only after level 5 and features full progression up to level 20!

Of course, this Free Realms update can not be a substitute for the real deal, but it still is one nice addition, available right away. So why not go out there and try it out?