purple-wowBy November 11, all World of Warcraft account holders have to move over to Battle.net if they want to keep playing Blizzard’s MMORPG. This merging, however, is completely free of charge and should not generate too many headaches, so if you’re planning to start boycotting Blizzard for their measure, it would be best to reconsider.

Espeically because, as Blizzard themselves say, moving to the new Battle.net will add lots of goodies to the players who will be allowed to participate in cross-realm chat in World of Warcraft, create real-life friends lists, communicate across different games, and much more. Plus the fact that you get an in-game pet (a penguin) for your trouble to switch over to the new service. Here’s the full, official word from Blizzard:

“In preparation for the launch of these new features, on November 11, 2009, all current World of Warcraft players will be required to merge their World of Warcraft accounts with a Battle.net account in order to log in to the game. As our way to say “thanks” for taking a moment to go through the process, existing World of Warcraft accounts that upgrade to Battle.net (including those that have already switched over) will receive a brand-new penguin in-game pet — check for him in your in-game mailbox later this week. Starting on November 11, all World of Warcraft players will need to log in to the game using a Battle.net username and password, and anyone who wishes to create a new World of Warcraft account will need to start with a Battle.net account.”

If you have trouble creating an account, it might be useful to head over to the Battle.net FAQ page and seek assistance. And while you do that, tell us what do you thing about this change: is it a good one or not?