l4d2_cricketOne of the few things that made upset Left 4 Dead fans forget about their anger at Valve for announcing the sequel so soon after the launch of the original game was the information that melee weapons will be used in L4D2, weapons like the chainsaw, fire ax or a turned-weapon frying pan. Another thing that makes fans happy is the potential cross-platform play. But today we’ll talk about Left 4 Dead 2‘s melee weapons.

About a new one, to be precise, one revealed by Valve to IGN: the cricket bat. Although not as popular here as it is in other regions, the cricket bat will certainly make some Left 4 Dead 2 fans happy, and it will also raise some controversy, especially after people will look closely to the image in this article: yes, it’s England beating the crap out of Australia. And yes, that’s a hot upcoming cricket match that will make some people turn their heads towards the game. Either way, a really nice move from Valve.

And even though the game itself probably won’t show us England kicking the brains out of Australian zombies over and over again, for obvious reasons, it’s worth noting that the new zombies in L4D2 will be wearing helmets, too, which might add to the difficulty of the game. But we’ll see exactly what happens when the game is out. Until then, all we can do is go out and practice our cricket skills – one can never know when a solid hit is needed.