nfs-shift-image02Electronic Arts has already announced that it has big plans regarding the Need For Speed franchise and we’ve already brought you some news about the company’s upcoming MMO Need For Speed World Online. Today we have some more details but on their realistic racing simulation Need For Speed Shift.

What you can see below are the first screenshots from the game and I must admit that I’m impressed. Of course, it’s no surprise that EA can deliver some real eye candies. We can also understand from the screenshots that the game will deliver at least two singlebrand competitions with the Porsche 911 and Audi RS4 models rocking the tracks.

Of course, this is just speculation. The real deal are images and I invite you to take a look at them and start getting excited. One thing is clear: EA has no plans to deliver some mediocre game which will quickly get out of the spotlight like NFS Undercover. That’s the past, Need For Speed Shift is the future. Enjoy!



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