First person shooter games never managed to make their way through the more casual and very friendly games on Facebook, but Gameloft considered themselves up for the challenge and decided to bring us a very high quality FPS game on Facebook: N.O.V.A. Elite. And since nothing is more fun than sending a bullet to your boss’s head (virtually, of course), they might succeed with it.

N.O.V.A or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance: Elite casts players against each other in quick deathmatch battles with the sole goal of grabbing the most points and turn them into XP points. You get points from killing enemies, headshots, being the only survivor on the map, grenade kills and much more. These points, as I sad, are turned into XP at the end of the game and you level up unlocking new attributes and, most important, weapons.

There is a huge variety of weapons that you can purchase, but most of them have pre-requirements, like having a specific amount of friends or a specific level. Even more, many of the weapons in NOVA Elite cost Facebook Credits, so if you really want to be a pro, you have to pay some cash or at least play for some time.

Each deathmatch map in NOVA Elite is varied and big enough to hold many players and each game lasts only 5 minutes, which means that you won’t get bored by the same map or a player who knows it better than you and keeps blasting you into pieces. Even more, you can purchase extra maps for Facebook Credits, if you don’t like the variety Gameloft is offering.

The visuals of the game are simply amazing, but they also mean that the system requirements are pretty high for the game, further meaning that many players will simply lack the computer power to play the game. However, those who can and love First Person Shooters are in for a treat: you will simply find it hard to believe that you’re playing a game on Facebook!

I must admit that I have no Con’s for N.O.V.A. Elite and everything is done flawlessly: leaderboards, tons of weapons, levels with good designs, players online at any hour… everything you could wish for in a FPS. Now the only thing left to see is if the Facebook crows is indeed a good place for such a game and, of course, if you like it.

So head over here and give N.O.V.A. Elite a try!