Gamistry Games announced its most recent title for mobile devices, Munch Time. This adventure game features a chameleon and its cute adventures through 84 challenging levels. As the levels proceed, players must use the chameleon’s tongue to reach unexpected places and change its color according to the environment, however to do so players need to eat different colored bugs that will be flying around.

The Android gaming site commented that Munch Time’s “gameplay, graphics, sound, addictiveness and possible longevity make for a top gaming title that fans of the physics puzzle genre should download and love immediately.”

Munch Time supports Android and Samsung App as Aaron Oostdijk from Gamistry explains:

When 100% Indie contacted us about the program, we saw this as a great opportunity for us to get into a new market with a great deal. They offered very active support throughout the whole process and were always helpful and responsive, so we’re looking forward to cooperating with them again for our future Android releases on Samsung Apps.