Battlefield 4 coverIt’s no secret that EA’s and DICE’s latest Battlefield title, Battlefield 4, has been plagued by severe online issues. DICE hopes to fix all of the problems with a new patch set to release in the next few weeks.

The Swedish revealed the information on their support site, claiming that they’re finalizing the patch. What specific issues the patch targets hasn’t been disclosed, as there are a range of problems at hand.

According to the Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker, the most popular problem effecting players relates to a”desynchronized” game world where different objects are in different states for players. There are also the issues of rubber-banding, frame rate drops, and players not taking damage when they’ve clearly been shot at.

The game has been out since the end of October, and problems continue to persist. The PS4 version of the game seems to be the most affected. There have even been lawsuits filed against EA concerning the problems. Here’s hoping this latest patch can benefit players’ experience.