king-arthurAfter seeing the first game trailer from the upcoming RPG King Arthur, I promised to keep you updated on the matter and here I am now to make that promise come true: since the RPG looks incredibly promising but until now we haven’t heard much about it, we are going to share with you lots of details about the game, as well as the PC system specifications.

As the name says, you will be put in the shoes of King Arthur and battle to unite the provinces of Britannia ? you’ll have to recruit the well known knights of the round table for that and task them with all sorts of incredible quests! In other words, you will command armies and heroes in the battles, pass laws and help developing the cities you conquer. Your heroes, which will act as the main playable characters in the game will be the ones to gather experience, level up and develop abilities and skills ? including magic!

Neocore, the developers of King Arthur, promise that the game will come with a huge game map and that battles will feature thousand of units fighting for their belief! However, don’t expect to see a true historical game, but a more fantasy one, where alongside classic units like bowmen and cavalry we’ll see Unseelie Archers or Winterbreed.

Also, the minimum and recommended system specifications have been released. Here they are:

– Processor: 3000 single core
– RAM: 1GB
– Video card: Nvidia 6600 256MB or Ati X700 256MB

However, in order to get the full experience, you should have the following configuration:

– Processor: AMD X2 5000+ or Intel Core2 Duo 6420
– RAM: 1,5 GB
– Video card: Nvidia 8800 GT 512MB or Ati 3850 512MB