shocked?We all know that one of the easiest way to reach the top or at least get a huge audience is by shocking the public. Well… that’s exactly what Media Molecule are planning to do with the LittleBigPlanet expansion packs – and I doubt any fan of the game would mind, as long as quality is a factor, too.

The statement was made during the Spike VGA show when Media Molecule’s Alex Evans told 1UP: “So what I said to the team is that each of these packs that we do over the next year or so has to be shocking. These aren’t little add-ons or side tweaks. These are like serious, game changing, massive – how can we really mess with peoples’ heads and change what they think about LBP.” Evans added: “The first example of that is the Metal Gear Solid pack, which we just finished. I don’t think that people are expecting what it’s going to be and I’m so excited by that. The surprise element is just a big part of it. And that’s just the beginning. We did that really soon after the game came out. I really hope people are constantly surprised and excited by what we do with it”

The MGS pack he’s talking about refers to the upcoming add-on including individual sackboy costumes for Solid Snake, Meryl, Screaming Mantis and Raiden and, of course, extra levels. I’m not shocked yet.


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