Syradine Games presented today the release of Molebears Outbreak, an adventure title for mobile. In Molebears Outbreak, players must face a mutant plague, half bear, half mole evil creatures. This peculiar title presents numerous challenges and innovative features, as Syradine Games’ developer, Tuan Vu, stated:

I set out to create a simple whack a mole game. When my friends, who had problems with level 3 because they had to tap and swipe at the same time, finally beat the level and jumped out of their seat with joy, I knew I created something special. I created something I can be proud to say ‘that game is mine.

Molebears Outbreak features a total of 10 different maps and 40 distinct levels. The enemy diversity is quite ample as well, there are more than 12 different types of molebears, each one with its own specialties and powers. There are two gameplay modes, the custom mode and the survival mode. The first mode allows players to fully customize their experience through defining the level type, goals, maps and enemy spawn rates. The survival mode has over 25 achievements to be unlocked and the challenge events are countless. To fight those bizarre creatures, players can use all kind of weapons, from hammers to bombs.

Molebears Outbreak is now available for iOS system.