game-informer-june-magazineWe’ve had rumors regarding Modern Warfare 2 details, but they were false. However, what we have now hear is completely solid: the real Modern Warfare 2 details, as presented in the lasted issue of Gameinformer (the June edition). Here are the details we were all waiting for:

– There will be no co-op in the main campaign, but some separate missions (like CoD4’s Mile High Club) include co-op multiplayer.
– In some missions, players will find themselves in snowmobiles, but it is unclear if we will be driving or shooting from them.
– We’ll see riot shields, turrets and customized weapons in single player.
– Gameplay will still be linear, although “a bit more” open ended.
– Stealth becomes a component of the game.
– Players will be able to swim
– The campaign will be longer than the one in Call of Duty 4
– Modern Warfare 2 is promised to look better than the previous game – which completely makes sense – and run at 60fps
– A live-patching system will be implemented

So… these are the Modern Warfare 2 details we have now from the upcoming edition of Game Informer. What do you think? Exciting or not?