mw2-collectors-editionWe can’t say it’s a huge surprise, but it’s always good to know something like this: a Modern Warfare 2 Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered from GameStop for $79.99. For now, the only listed product is for the PlayStation 3, but I am sure that Activision will release the PC version, too, if indeed the Modern Warfare 2 Collector’s Edition will be out.

Except for that, however, we have no extra details regarding the special offerings of this Collector’s Edition, so unfortunately we don’t have much. But I am sure that hardcore fans of the franchise are already starting to save some money for this special edition of Modern Warfare 2. For them, and all of you, remember to check back on Unigamesity for details on this Collector’s Edition, whenever we have them!

UPDATE: I have found the Modern Warfare 2 Collector’s Edition available for purchase on Amazon (follow this link to the game), the PC version. Check it out there for a pre-order that guarantees delivery on launch day!


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