Launched in June 2008, Metal Gear Online was received with open arms by PlayStation 3 owners and it appears that it was not something evanescent: Konami has announced that the game now has over one million members playing. And, to express their joy, the developers plan to launch a special campaign and regard the fans.

Named Metal Gear Online: Commemorative Campaign, it will kick off this November 25 and it will simply award points to everybody who accesses MGO during the promotion (November 25 – December 9). The points can be later used for purchasing new gear from the special in-game reward shop. Pretty cool, right?

Also, if you access Konami’s multiplayer game during the Commemorative Campaign, you will also be automatically entered in a draw which offers 100,000 more reward points to 30 people playing the game. Having in mind that 1 million are playing, your chances are not that big, but it’s worth a try especially since you can’t lose anything. And as soon as this event is over, I’m sure everybody will be eagerly anticipating the double platinum event for Metal Gear Online. How soon will that happen, though?