You’re not a respectable MMO game if you don’t have a Halloween event on… erm… Halloween and we all know that Warhammer Online is a respectable MMORPG. Therefore, it’s preparing to treat, no trick us by offering the first ever live in-game event: the Witching Night!

Already started, this event in WAR brings back to life ancient horrors: evil necromancers raise the dead and spread plague across the lands, witches start stirring in their cauldrons and spirits of dead warriors start haunting the battlefields. And, the most important thing of them all: it’s all real and plain fun!

Four new Public Quests are introduced together with the Witching Night in Warhammer Online as well as brand new rewards: rare costume masks, unique titles, potions, trinkets and special cloaks. Some of these items can only be looted during Realm vs. Realm play, so if you ever wondered when should you start your attack against the other realm, I have the answer: NOW!