Another massively multiplayer online game is going to be released, this time a real time strategy one with collectible card game elements. The game, created by indie developer Code Collective is named The Far Wilds and, to make things even more interesting, a $1000 prize is up for grabs!

If you want to have a shot for the prize, you have to enter the beta tournament of The Far Wilds by downloading for free the game client or accessing the Flash version of the game. There will be several preliminary tournaments leading up to the Grand Clash taking place in late Novemeber. The Grand Clash will be a large double elimination tournament with players using their own handcrafted armies. First place will receive $1000 in cash and 2nd through 6th place will receive various amounts of in game gold. Cool, right?

The Far Wilds is a title that emphasizes strategy and clever plays and not mad clicking on the map. Actually, the battlefield is randomly generated each time, so you have to be ready to adapt your strategy lightning fast. But you’d better go check the official website and see for yourself.