max-payne3Six years after the sequel, Max Payne 3 was announced to the delight of the public who are hoping to get a cool game just as the previous one (and maybe with a bit of Olga Kurylenko lookalikes in). Details are really, really scarce at the moment – all we know is that the game will be released this winter. And now we have a Max Payne 3 teaser trailer released, but it doesn’t say too much either.

Actually everything the trailer tells us is: “I lied to myself that it was over. It wasn’t over. And it would get worse before the end.” And that’s all. No gameplay footage, no cinematics, nothing – just this short teaser that, still, suggests that this might be the end of franchise. Will Rockstar finally end Payne’s suffering? We’ll see for sure when more actual details hit the web. Until then, enjoy the short Max Payne 3 teaser trailer below: