The biggest update ever is arriving to the Vindictus world on May 29th. The Secret of the Twilight Desert is the name of the second episode from season 2 of Vindictus. which will bring tremendous new content to this virtual realm, including new areas, enemies, events and a day/night cycle system. As NEXON stated, new mysterious and treasure will be awaiting:

In the second episode of Vindictus Season 2, players are faced with the challenge of exploring the Twilight Desert. Somewhere within the endless sand lies a mysterious object. The history of this object is unknown, but finding it will bring players into contact with the Mistress of the Twilight Desert. Elsewhere, the Coffer Chasers’ treasure awaits to be discovered in their hidden dungeon.

The darkness of the night will bring true challenges to the Vindictus players, as the Grim Reaper and other merciless creatures are coming to life with this patch. Facing those random encounters may be problematic in many ways, however the are many rewards for sending those oblivious creatures back to where they came from.

The new dungeon is a secret of the desert, located underground, this instance is very unstable and versatile – “as time changes, the sands will shift and the entrance to the Coffer Chasers’ underground dungeon will alter.” If players manage to explore this dungeon before it fades away, the recompenses will surely be worth the time and effort.


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