Gravity announced that Ragnarok 2: Legend of the Second Europe, recently launched, will welcome new players with exclusive prizes. The company is distributing two unique packs that will intensify the Ragnarok 2 experience, as stated:

These Packs hold special items that will give you a longtime bonus on your statistics, a longtime bonus on both PvE and Quest Experience, Quest Experience, and allow you to get back up after a K.O. and potions. The packs will be distributed as individual codes. They will also be available via specialized media.

The second game of the Ragnarok series has 15 available classes and an infinite number of activities to perform in game. The realm of Rune Midgard is once again under attack and in need for protection. Exploring this fantasy MMORPG is now even more immerse, as new gameplay mechanisms have been implemented, the extensive character progression and the interactive quest system are just two fine examples.

The release of Ragnarok 2 “represents a major step in the life of a brand with a high profile” said Yves Bléhaut, Gravity Europe’s Managing Director.