mass-effect-vanguardMass Effect 2, the must buy game to be released in January 2010 just got a new trailer from BioWare, showing us the Vanguard character class via some really cool gameplay sequences. So check out the new Mass Effect 2 trailer after reading some extra details about this new and obviously exciting class.

According to the official word, Vanguards are outfitted with a L5n implant giving them powerful biotic capabilities; coupled with their weapons training, they become lethal at close range. Vanguards are capable at closing the distance instantly on an enemy with their unique Charge ability. Gathering immense biotic power, Vanguards will Charge toward an enemy, passing over chasms and through obstacles where upon they collide with their target, sending them flying through the air. Additionally Vanguards are able to release an explosive Shockwave, tossing enemies and knocking them from cover. If Vanguards find themselves in trouble, they are also able to use their Charge ability for a quick escape to safety.

Now check out the Mass Effect 2 Vanguard trailer below: