When it comes to games like Unreal Tournament 3 we can’t really imagine a “major” expansion meaning anything but extra maps, extra guns and, at most, some extra characters. That, however, would not be considered that big, would it? So, having this in mind, we’re really curious to hear what Epic has in mind regarding the announced content.

Speaking to Gamespot, Mark Rein said “We’re working together on a major expansion that we expect will excite and grow our Unreal Tournament 3 customer base,” but he did not offer any details: no date, no information about the content. And that’s exactly what makes me believe that we’re talking about more than a few extra maps. Maybe a single player campaign? Now that would be major!

Assumptions aside (we’ll tell you the official details as soon as they’re out), it’s worth noting that Epic sold over one million copies of Unreal Tournament 3 since the game launched – which is not GTA nor Halo, but it’s an encouraging number for the publishers. And, having in mind that since 2004 I’m a huge fan of UT (and Deck 17) I must admit that I’m one of those players really interested in this major UT3 update.