Let’s admit it, this year’s gaming conferences / media summits / shows /whatever you want to call them were pretty boring and dull and, if we are to compare them with what happened in the previous years, we can go as far as saying that they were close to failures. However, starting next year things will start to turn back to normality, according to several media reports.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3 Media Summit will mark a 2009 comeback at the LA Convention Center. According to the reports and announcements, there will be a more lax admittance policy, allowing for a maximum attendance of up to 40,000 people. This means that, probably, the grandeur and huge shows will be back next year at E3. In other words, the old E3 will be revived!

Following this decision, more media will attend the show, including bloggers and people who were generally left out during this year’s show. It could be exactly what it’s needed to revive people’s interest in video gaming and restore all the bucket loads of honor that were lost during this year’s shows. We’re looking forward to see the funfair again!


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