A new series of missions has been released in Mafia Wars, titled You Iced My Father… and I am here to share with you all the details about this brand new mission series. And, just to go a little off-topic, I really wonder how much will we miss these missions when Mafia Wars 2 will be launched… Either way, read on for the requirements and rewards for completing the You Iced My Father… missions in Mafia Wars:

Gather Intel Mission
– Loot 10 Incriminating Documents from fighting.
– Rob 15 properties in Chicago.
– Ask for 10 Body Bags from your mafia.
Rewards: 10 Clams, 10 Victory Coins, 3 Blind Tigers (148 Attack / 123 Defense) and XP based on your level

Time For Some Back Up Mission
– Clear 6 Robbing Boards.
– Loot 10 20s Specials from jobs.
– Get 4 Crew Members in Chicago.
– Activate 4 Crew Members in Chicago.
Rewards: 15 Clams, 2 Hired Guns, 2 Muzzle Madness (70 Attack / 119 Defense) and XP based on your level

Boom Stick And A Ride Mission
– Ask for 15 Bootlegger’s Rifle from Mafia.
– Make/Buy 6 Concrete Shoes from your Speakeasy.
– Loot 7 Gin Millers from robbing in Chicago.
Rewards: 12 Clams, 3 Bushwas (126 Attack, 146 Defense) and XP based on your level

Take Out His Crew Mission
– Win 30 fights in Chicago.
– Ice 10 opponents in Chicago.
Rewards: 12 Victory Coins, Suicide Spatz (144 Attack, 127 Defense) and XP based on your level

Send A Message Mission
– Declare 3 wars.
– Win 3 wars.
Rewards: 10 Clams, 20 Loyalty Points and XP based on your level

Avenge Your Father’s Death Mission
– Ask for 20 Concrete Shoes from your Mafia.
– Job: “Uncover A Plot Against You” 10 times.
– Take Out Bobby “No-Neck” Conners.
Rewards: 30 Clams, 20 Loyalty Points, 1 Turnstyle (158 Attack / 87 Defense) and XP based on your level

Good series with really nice rewards!


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