Over the weekend Zynga introduced the Anniversary Crate to celebrate the game’s two years of crime. You can buy one Anniversary Crate for 12 Reward Points or three Anniversary Crates for 35 Reward Points. Some players can buy these items at discounted prices.

For each Anniversary Crate, you have a 10 percent chance to get a rare item, 30 percent chance for uncommon item, and 60 percent chance for common item. The items you can get from an Anniversary Crate are the following:


Cuban Underground (29 Attack 40 Defense)
2 Candles (40 Attack 28 Defense)
Iron Curtain (30 Attack 39 Defense)


Big Apple (46 Attack 33 Defense)
Party Popper (32 Attack 46 Defense)
Party Favor (45 Attack 34 Defense)


Terrible Twos (64 Attack 40 Defense)
Chop Suey Chaser (37 Attack 65 Defense)

The stats from the Anniversary Crate items are decent enough. If you got extra Reward Points, you should buy a crate or three. These items are good additions to your Mafia Wars collection. AT least you have proof that you were part of the game’s second year anniversary celebration.