Mafia Wars Las Vegas Exclusive Mission

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Exclusive Mission

Zynga will be teasing Mafia Wars players of what to expect in Las Vegas with a special mission this Saturday. It will be a Vegas-themed job and comes with a special collection and a new achievement. Also as part of the special Vegas mission, Vegas loots are expected to drop from the job.

With Special Mission South Africa still ongoing, players have to choose where to spend your energy in. I hope by then players are done with chapter two of the South Africa Challenge Mission and can concentrate on the Vegas Mission while waiting for South Africa’s Chapter 3 to unlock.

I hope that instead of a special mission, Zynga will surprise us with the launch of Las Vegas. That should be a reason to celebrate indeed. Well let’s all wait until Saturday to find out what this Las Vegas Special mission is all about.

We’ll update you guys about what the Las Vegas Special Mission is all about as soon as we have more news about it. In the meantime keep on collecting those Racks of Chips to fund your campaign in Las Vegas.